How Digital Marketing Can Benefit from Machine Learning


Digital Marketing Benefits – What if there was a single set of technologies that could have transferred the entire process of business-to-customer interaction? By a happy chance, machine learning can.

ML tools are the technologies that remove the guesswork and boost productivity and efficiency in the digital marketing field. They allow optimizing numerous processes, building a better customer experience, and removing a lot of time and effort wasters from marketing job.

How Digital Marketing Can Benefit from Machine Learning

That being said, let’s see in what way machine learning influences and facilitates digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Benefits – Improved Personalization

Today, the quality of customer experience largely defines the success of every business. With so many offerings to choose from, people can no longer afford to pick in a trial-and-error way as they risk wasting a lot of time and get nowhere.

With the help of ML-powered tools and software, brands can match customers with the offers they most likely will benefit from. Netflix is one of the best examples of well-set algorithms that ensure an optimized customer experience. Based on what the visitors search, like, watch, or ignore, the ML-powered system learns customers’ preferences and shows the content they are most likely to enjoy.

However, other brands stay abreast too. Thus, the North Face, for example, uses ML-tools to impress their buyers with personalized product selection, while Starbucks removes the hardships of making a choice by recommending the drinks that will be to their clients’ liking. It saves their customers a lot of time resources, as well as adds karma points to the brand.

Fast Customer Service

Long hours of hanging on the phone to have your issue solved by a customer support team were a nightmare for almost any person. Today, we can’t imagine our life without chatbots. Although the first versions were rather clumsy, they continued to learn and today chatbots no doubt offer a lot of benefits. They include immediate response, around the clock availability, and an extensive, constantly expanding database. Nowadays, they can address over 90% of inquiries without human assistance directing only the most complex issues to their human colleagues.

The introduction of chatbots not only helps businesses to optimize human resources by removing the mundane tedious job from their responsibilities and assigning more strategic and creative tasks instead but also become more financially-efficient to ensure business growth and development.

Better Content Curation

When it comes to preparing a roundup or an article about the best something, you know how exhausting and lingering it may be. This is where ML-powered tools step into the game.

For example, such tools as Curata and Vestorly can send proper content to the relevant audience at the most perfect time. They collect information from the preferred online sources and create personalized articles to deliver them at the most impactful moment.

Their features include building a better customer experience through engaging content organization, annotation and creation, content suggestion and prioritization by relevancy through ML-powered algorithms, and smart pre-population of the curated content.

According to Pro-papers marketing blogger Mary White, the tools offer a phenomenal content marketing effect. “They can 6 times increase your website leads, and 3 times – engagement,” says she.

E-mail Marketing Optimization through Automation

A savvy marketer knows that e-mail marketing automation can save a lot of time and effort, as well as boost ROI. Assisted by ML tools, marketers can increase the personalization of their campaigns and enhance brand influence.

From the text message to the subject line, ML software allows creating engaging bespoke content and deliver it to an apt user who may be interested in it. Based on the previous e-mail responses, the tools determine the most suitable moment for e-mail delivery catching the customers right in the minute when they are most ready to make a purchase.

Additionally, marketers can ensure continuous ROI growth by implementing machine learning to build A/B testing into their e-mail marketing campaigns.

Efficient SMM

Digital Marketing Benefits – SM marketing has become one of the largest and most influential branches of digital marketing. A lot of important marketing tasks are fulfilled through the big 4 social media platforms. By applying ML tools for big data analysis, marketers can use their SM resources more efficiently and give their brand an edge over its competitors.

Building a strong brand image is crucial for the business’s success, and it can be done through social media. With such ML-powered tools as Brand24 for example, marketers can stay tuned about the opinion prevailing in social media. The service allows tracking comments, complaints, and mentions on SM platforms to stay aware of how people see the brand, as well as determine its weak spots. It helps marketers to adjust their campaigns, focus on improving customer experience, and keep up with consumer needs and demands.

Machine learning can give an understanding of customer engagement with different types of content. For example, social listening software tracks brand-related information and mentions across SM platforms helping marketers adjust their content decisions and make them more impactful and effective for specific audiences.

Additionally, ML tools help with analytics and categorization of a vast array of SM messages. The reports give marketers valuable information about customers’ behavior patterns, preferences, and buying habits, ensuring better engagement and personalization in the future.

It’s clear that today, it is impossible to build a successful digital marketing strategy without machine learning software. ML tools help to optimize processes, boost marketing campaigns efficiency, and eliminate a lot of trial-and-error efforts through automation.

Future belongs to ML-assisted marketers who focus on strategic planning and creative solutions rather than a boring technical job. Over 90% of large to small businesses across the world are already using machine learning benefits to boost their performance. So if you belong to those ten, it’s high time to turn the circumstances to your advantage.


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