5 Cool Business Ideas in India


best businesses in india

The Indian economy has surely been thriving in the past few decades. This phenomenon has generated endless opportunities for anyone to build their own business. There are so many options to choose from, it’s incredible. We managed to gather a short list of 10 suitable business ideas set to thrive in the coming years.

  1. Online Casino

    With the online business market growing more than ever before, online casinos are certainly an ideal business idea for web developers and investors. Considering there are only about 20 physical casinos in all of India, situated in only 3 cities, the convenience of having access to casino games on any connected digital device has hit the digital market by storm. You can try out these games or find anything there is to know about online casinos on sites such as  comeon casino india for example.

  2.  Blogging

    If you have a particular experience, skill or success which you are eager to share with everyone, Blogging might change your life. There are countless platforms that can make your blog world famous. For example if someone is good at photography then Instagram is the ideal platform, or if you produce videos on a particular subject then youtube is the best platform for you. The platform changes with the means of how you express yourself. You can earn from Blogging. Major investment in this business is just a laptop/desktop and internet connection however their earnings sometimes go in millions per month.

  3. Coaching Classes

    Education has recently taken a spot in one of the most profitable business ideas out there. Preparation for any exam always requires some sort of training, so if you have a particular talent and you have the ability to teach it, you’re good for it. This type of business requires minimal investment, so money is surely not a problem.There are also companies such as SimpliLearn which give you a platform to teach students online. The best part is that you get paid for it.

  4. Professional Photography

    Photos have been a way for everyone to leave a physical sight on a piece of paper to remind us of that particular memory ever since the first camera existed. Photography without a doubt is an important part of everyone’s life. The vast technological market gives us accessibility to the best professional photography equipment, although a hefty investment, you only do it once, and you’re set to keep taking professional photos for your whole life.

  5.  Translation Service

    With the huge amount of tourism and immigration, countries in India are slowly becoming full of citizens from all nationalities. So if you’re capable of speaking multiple languages and have the ability to gather a 5-10 person team you can easily start an online translation business. Freelancers in this business earn quite a good pay, and the best part of it is once it’s up and running, it requires hardly any effort whatsoever.


Success is all about setting your mind at a certain goal and doing your best to reach it, no matter what obstacles you come against. If you’re good at something that you truly enjoy doing, and want to do something about it, then you’re bound to be successful, cause in this world, anything is possible.


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