Beware! IT Officials Nabbing Black Money Offenders Like Never Before!


Finding out more than Rs100 Crore in a month and that too in various parts of the country is a tedious work , which has not been done as quickly as it is being carried out by the IT Officials since demonetisation movement came into effect from November 8.

We have known that the black money is being hidden in the kitchen , bathroom , cars and where not , but these IT officers are attacking the guilty by an accurate method which make us think of how can they exactly know where the black money is hidden.

Many reports surfaced in the media that the new Rs 2000 Currency Note has a Nano chip on it which is actually helping these government officials to locate the black money even if it is kept at the ground level.

Later , the Minister of Finance has denied such reports saying there is no such chip on the Rs 2000 notes. But we are our wits end to know how are they able to pinpoint the matter so accurately which was never done before!

But now we came to know that according to a report , the IT Officials are making use of decoy customers to track those guilty bank managers who are aiding the offenders in hiding their black money by converting it to white.

Image result for Black Money in Rs 2000 notes imagesInfact it (report) also suggests that many bank managers are also divulging details about those people who are actually into business of black to white conversion these days. These IT Officials are in touch with all such Banks and keeping a hawk eye on the daily transactions.

PM NaMo recently said in his rally that “those who think that by exchanging their old notes with the new ones by the help of the bank managers will have a safe exit from the back door but I assure you they cannot escape as I have my cameras installed at the backdoors also.”

He also warned the guilty openly that “whoever has committed such sin of converting their black money into white with the help of bank managers after November 8 , will be definitely nabbed , regardless of how much time it takes , be it 2 or 4 or 6 months , but they will be put behind the bars as per the Government rules.”

PM NaMo has also promised the public that the situation will be stable till December 31. And the public is stunned by the sheer confidence and conviction of the PM  and is expecting that the PM delivers the same thing in practice.

Already we have told you about how , when & why the demonetisation plan was first chalked out , and it was first planned when PM NaMo resumed office in 2014.

Now it is difficult for even those who are well networked and have very good contacts , as the PM NaMo & his government is surely watching every step of yours!  So beware !


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