70 Trades Withdrawals


The reason why you decided to venture into forex trading in the first place was to earn money.

You’ve taken high risks and invested a lot of money. So, knowing how to withdraw is equally essential.

When trading with 70trades, withdrawing won’t be as hard as when you use other platforms. You made the good decision to trade with the forex broker.

We all know that forex trading is not a walk in the park, and it makes you sweat before you even make your first withdrawals. Congratulation on the far that you’ve reached.
However, if you’re starting with 70trades, we’d not like to leave you hanging.

How to Earn Money with 70trades?

There’s a lot of noise out there that 70trades is a scam. Well, with many people earning thousands of dollars with the forex broker, it refutes the claim.

However, the million-dollar question is this, how do you make your first dollar?

Well, it’s a matter of numbers and experience. It might take you 2 – 4 years to start seeing the result of forex trading. To some people, it takes shorter than this.

All you need is understanding the basics of online trading. 70trades proudly provides this in its free demo account.

You will learn the interdependence between equity markets, influence on interest rates, markets, and sector indices.

You also have to put your goal into consideration and know the pitfalls you are likely to face.

How Much Money Can I earn with 70 Trades?

You’ve probably come across forex traders who earn millions of dollars. Well, it depends on their experience and professionalism in the industry.

Trading with 70trades is no exception. The more time you spend trading on the platform and gaining expertise, the more money you will get.

But here is the catch – You can’t compare yourself with every other trader you come across. You will be disappointed if you do so.

The rule of the game in forex trading is playing more to win more. Ask yourself why casinos operate 24/7 all year round. They are giving their players opportunities to play more hence win more.

Now, as you already know, trading with 70 trades requires that you have a minimum deposit fee of $200, which is one of the highest deposit fees when compared to other forex brokers. But they have a way of compensating for this.

If you give 70trades try today, you can start earning hundreds of dollars in the next couple of months before you jump to thousands, and hopefully, millions in the next few years.

Withdrawing from 70Trades

The broker does not limit anyone from withdrawing their cash. You can do it at any time, just that you get everything right. One of the few things to check is getting cleared of money laundering cases.

The platform has a robust fraud prevention program to keep all your transactions safe. This is a significant vice in the forex trading industry, hence they need to be extra careful.

The only downside of withdrawals is that it might take longer than expected. Some people will have to wait for two, four, or even six days before their money reflects on their bank accounts.

However, the duration is dependent on your chosen financial institution that holds your account.

Here’s How The Process Goes
● First, log into your account and fill your withdrawal request.
● Gather these documents and send them to the customer service using this email: customer.service@70 trades.com. They include a copy of your National ID, driver’s license, and passport. You also need your local authority bill, utility bill for the last six months, and your credit card statement.
● Lastly, you need to provide your 70trade agreement that you have signed.
There some traders that prefer using credit cards when funding their accounts. If you are in this category, you need to provide an additional copy of all the credit cards that you have used.

Make a clear photo of the card that shows your name, expiry date of the cards, first six characters, and last four digits of the card.

The Last thing is to ensure that you have provided a credit card declaration that you have carefully read, filled appropriately, and signed.

If you don’t have the declaration form, you can reach 70trades customer care, and they’ll help you get one.

Before you give 70trades (or any forex brokerage firm), it would be wise to gather all the information you need. Don’t trade with any firm blindly.

Familiarize yourself with the platforms, get the right trading strategies, and join the game.


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