The Secret behind Randeep Huda’s Veer Savarkar transformation


Randeep Huda said no to all the false news flowing for his Veer Savarkar look that he only ate a date and a glass of milk for 4 months.

He spoke to Media and clarified for all his Fans that it was not just a date and a glass of milk but much more than that to gain his new look. He informed that he ate many other things and his Diest was monitored by his sister everyday for him to loose 26 kilos.

The actor gained this new look and lost so many kilos for his new character Swatantraya Veer Savarkar as many of his scenes were shot in the prison. The Actor is making his directorial debut dismissed the report as “irresponsible communication”.

Randeep Huda shared that it takes a lot more than not eating to loose weight and no one should follow skipping any meal, the most important thing is to eat healthy and stay healthy.


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