Taylor Swift Eras Tour Movie coming to AMC Threaters


Taylor Swift the known American singer is bringing her The Eras Tour Concert Movie to AMC Threaters in October. It is expected to be play from thursdays to Sunday.

The Eras Tour is the current ongoing tour of Taylor Swift which describes her journey through all of her musical “Eras”. This tour is known to be the most expansive tour of Taylor Swift.

When Can the Film be Watched?

The Film opening of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Concert Film is having its opening at AMC Threaters on 13th October 2023, Friday.

The News has it, every AMC Threater will be atleast running 4 showtimes per day for Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Locations are Canada, United States, and Mexico. Fandango has tickets listed as available every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through November 5.

How Can I Buy Tickets to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Concert Film?

Taylor swift

The Tickets to the Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Concert Film is now available on Fandango.com and AMCTheatres.com.

The Online booking is now open from 31st August 2023 11:00 am. Book yours as it is expected to run out soon.

What is the Cost of the Ticket?

The Adult ticket is expected to cost around $19.89 plus taxes and the senior citizens and children’s ticket is expected to cost $13.13 plus taxes. The AMC’s branded premium large-format screen will definately cost more.

Do remember, the tickets are non-refundable.



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