Sharad Pawar Rejected Dawood Ibrahim's Conditional Surrender


NCP Leader and Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar rejected Dawood Ibrahim’s willingness to surrender in which some conditions have been imposed by the under world leader. The offer was put forward by a senior advocate Ram Jethmalani.

Reasons for Rejection of Surrender by Sharad Pawar:


Sharad Pawar rejected Dawood Ibrahim’s willingness to surrender as it was conditional. Once in his tenure as chief minister, a senior advocate named Ram Jethmalani have contacted Sharad Pawar regarding the underworld leader Dawood Ibrahim and said that he is willing to surrender and with some conditions. The condition is that he has to be kept in a house rather than jail.

Pawar’s Words on Dawood Ibrahim’s Surrender:

Pawar Told Reporters that,” It is true that Ram Jethmalani had given a proposal about Dawood’s willingness to return. But there was a condition that Dawood should not be kept in jail. Rather he be allowed to remain in a house. This was not acceptable. We said he had to face the law”.



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