Riots in France still Continue: Rioters burn down the largest Library


France known as the country for love and happiness is experiencing riots for the third day in the row. The Rioters have burned down the lagers library in Marseilles. The President of the country Mr. Macron blames the video games and social media for the same as many rioters to be seen are kids or minors.

The French Government have asked all the local authorities to be alert and have informed the common public to be in-house and refrain yourself from using public transport to restore law and harmony. The Rioters have been targeting the Cars and the buildings in rage.

Reason for the Riots in France

Sources says that one of the police officer shot a 17 year old teenage boy named Nahel who was an Algerian national on Tuesday due to a ban on demonstrations in some cities. The boy was shot at Nanterre Suburb. He was shot during the morning rush hours on Tuesday 27th June 2023 because he was driving his Mercedes AMG in the bus lane at Nanterre ( A small town on the outskirts of Paris).

The office who shot the boy has apologised to Nehal’s family stating that he didn’t wanted to kill the boy. He was aiming at the boy’s leg while the boy bumped into him and got shot.

Riots all around France

Papers which reads “Vengeance for Nahel” have been stuck all over the town Nanterre’s buildings and the largest library in Marseilles have been burned too. Around 40,000 police mens have been stationed to gain back peace and harmony while the rioters continue to spread chaos around the country. Around 875 people have been arrested overnight and more than 200 policemen have been injured. Police fired tear gas at public areas to get the things under control.

Voilence have flamed all over Lille, Pau,Lyon, Marseilles and Toulouse. Rioters have clashed with the police, have looted stores and burnt them down,torchered vehicles. In the span of three days, the beautiful country looks like a war zone.



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