Purana Pul Ordered To Re-cast There Vote TODAY


After the MIM party workers created disturbances  in various parts of Old city on Tuesday , police took control of the situation by arresting dozens of offenders.

Senior Congress leaders lodged a complaint  with state police DGP Mr. Anurag Sharma and demanded the arrest of MIM leaders Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi, And on the other hand MIM leaders lodged complaints against other party leaders. A complaint was lodged against Deputy CM’s son Azam Ali.

And as the ward  was hit by violence on polling day due to congress and mim leaders,The 36 presiding officers in their report to the State Election Commission had mentioned about the riot which has lead to a lot of disturbance to the voters at the polling stations.

The Telangana State Election Commission ordered the repoll after receiving complaints of rigging by political parties during polling on February 2. The decision was taken considering the demand of various political parties who alleged malpractices by MIM supporters.

B. Janardhan Reddy, election authority, GHMC said, “Webcasting has been arranged in all the 36 polling stations. The SEC has given directions that officials should not ask for voter slips from the voters. Markings will be made on the left hand middle finger.”

Congress leader Marri Shashidhar Reddy said that the results should be declared only after clearance from the SEC. “The ruling TRS leadership will pressurize the returning officers to hastily declare the TRS candidates elected even if they do not actually secure a majority, especially in close contests. For this purpose a separate cell of the TRS has been given the responsibility of closely monitoring the counting and pressuring the ROs to declare TRS candidates elected even if they do not secure a majority. Results where the margin is close should be withheld and declared only after proper verification,”

Purana Pul (ward no 52)  has almost 34,413 voters. Repolling has already  began  at 7 am Today ie 5th of Feb and will  end at 3 pm  and the counting will be done on the same day.

 Overall counting of the remaining 149 GHMC wards will start Today  from 3 pm ,Instead of 8 am as had been announced earlier. The election commission believes It will take around four hours for the results to be declared, As In the 150 divisions, 45.27 per cent voters ie only 33,60,543 voters out 74,23,980  had turned out to exercise their  voting right , and 5,626 staff is appointed for counting the votes.


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