PM Modi Live Update: Corruption and Nepotism ended after few changes bought in the system


On 16th May 2023 (Tuesday) Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed 71000 appointment letters at the “Rozgar Mela” and he also stated that there were some changes done in the recruitment system which were bought by his government have resulted in possibly ending nepotism and corruption while recruiting people.

Changes in the Government Recruitment Process

The entire process of recruitment from applying government jobs to announcing results have become online and there are multiple opportunities also created by the BJP Government over the span of 9 years.

Since the Modi Government have come, 4.5 crore people have got jobs from 2018. Not just the top 6 tier-1 cities but the employment opportunities have been created in all parts of India. The Government is constantly supporting the emerging sector as it is expected to create more job opportunities.

Country’s Development Figures Rising

The length of Rural Roads have risen to 7.25 Lakh KM from 4 Lakh KM last year, also the no. of airports have increased from 74 to 150 which leads to increased connectivity and the increase in connectivity leads to increase in Development.

We have already seen a kick start to Start-up sector development since 2014 when the Modi Government came into power. The Construction sector is also booming with over 4 crore pucca houses being built for the poor under the Government Housing Scheme.

Also we cannot forget the education sector whenever we talk about development. The Count of Universities have increase from 720 to 1100 since 2014. We have also seen a development in the Medical colleges from 400 to 700 in number.



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