Plane Goes Missing In Nepal With 23 Passengers Today On Board, Feared Crashed Say Officials


Plane Goes Missing In Nepal : A small plane with 23 people, including two foreigners and two children, on board on Wednesday went missing while flying in a mountainous area in Nepal. Feared Crashed Say Officials. There were 2childrens in plane. Rescue teams today were scouring a remote mountainous area of Nepal where a passenger plane went missing with 21 people on board, two of them children.

The Tara Air Viking 9N-AHH Twin Otter with 20 people and three crew members aboard went missing in Nepal on Wednesday. All the people are dead announce by officials. and officials rushed to the suspected crash site, media reported.

Plane Goes Missing In Nepal With 23 Passengers Today On Board, Feared Crashed Say Officials

Myagdi district is located between Kaski and Mustang districts. However, there is no official confirmation so far about the crash but rescue teams have been sent to the possible crash site, said Narendra Singh, DIG of Nepal Police. “The weather at Pokhara and Jomsom is fine today (Wednesday). So we have no clue about what went wrong,” said Bhim Raj Rai, Media Officer at Tara Airlines. The aircraft was added to the fleet last September.

In recent times many flights had missed in thise malasian flights stood first. boien flights are the most. The suitcase snafu has the potential to further alienate travelers from an airline that has mounting losses and is struggling to win back passengers after the two crashes that killed more than 500 people. The run of problems prompted the Malaysian government to take over full control of the carrier, fire employees, cut routes and appoint a new chief executive officer to try to turn the company around.

“When they do things like this they alienate passengers, even their loyal passengers,” said Shukor Yusof, founder of Endau Analytics, an aviation consultancy firm in Malaysia. “It’s been a series of really, really disastrous public relations exercises.”