Hundai E-Corner : The New Age Technology for Cars


Hundai Motor Company started back in 1967 back in South Korea by developing Korea’s first diesal engine and a large commercial Engine. Hundai Motor Company is known to always develop along with the changing technology and preference of the people. A company which has gained trust of not only Koreans but all over the world Hundai Cars are preferred

The New Age Technology: Hundai E-corner

Hundai E-corner system is recently developed by Hundai Mobis in 2023 and this was launched at this year’s CEZ held at Las Vegas. With this Technology, the wheels can turn 90 degree sideways and can crab drive sideways. This technology has made crab driving and zero turn very popular.

Features of E-corner System

  • Parking sideways to 90 degrees is now possible.
  • Complete 90 degree turn for straight parking with keeping the front tyres steady.
  • All the 4 tyres have mechanical power (4X4 Wheels).
  • While taking a side ways turn, the cars doesnt need to be taken back and forth , just using the technology ,the car can turn 360 degrees around (Zero turning technology).
  • The Tyres are steady and steer by the damper and applying breaks have become more powerful, convenient and safe.
  • Tyres equipped to take pivot turns.
  • In Wheel Motor System of 4 wheel drive HEV,BEV,FCRV.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency

This technology in the lee man’s term is called crab driving because it completely resembles how a crab walks.

Available packaging in different cars

Hundai is not keeping this technology of E-Corner to only luxury cars but also getting this into SUVs, Mid Size cars and compact cars. This is going to be a turning point in the technology of cars and because it is available in all segments of cars, it is available to the general public catering to all market segments.

Flexibility of Interior Design :EV

The technology will not only be available in Diesel and petrol cars but also in Hybrid and complete EV Type Vehicles. This again open arenas for EV preferred market segment to be captured. It has all the options of FCEV, BEV and  HEV.

The Newly launched technology is based on providing super convenient driving experience to people. Well we can say this is a blessing to the conventional driving experience.


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