WELL OVER THE DECADES WE HAVE SEEN many Government units  embracing the digital revolution and have created websites and apps and what not to facilitate to the public .

And now its INDIA’s time , the MODI  Government wants to make all services available on the mobile devices in the coming next five years , so that the common man does not have to go to office , making it very  easy  for them to get their work done efficiently and conveniently.

The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), which reports to the Prime Minister’s Office ( PMO ), proposed this last week in a report prepared along with Nasscom and KPMG The move would be a vital element of India’s push to improve its ranking of 119 out of 193 countries in the UN E-G Index and breaking into the top 10,

Given the fundamental nature of these advantages, some predict the Internet will transform government. Many have welcomed electronic governance as a way to improve service delivery and responsiveness to citizens.

“Electronic government will not only break down boundaries and reduce transaction costs between citizens and their governments but between levels of government as well,” .

  •  digital government has the potential to transform rule efficiency, transparency, citizen trust and political participation in transitional democracies.
  • “In order to achieve the vision of Digital India and ensure the delivery of important citizen  services to citizens, the mobile platform needs to be leveraged to its full potential,”
  • “Multi-lingual mobile-governance services are important for service delivery.
  • Aadhaar-linked, mobile-based authentication mechanism needs to be developed to become a widely-used channel for citizen authentication,”
  • Government pressing on  for digital technologies to be brought centre-stage in the delivery of services to citizens.

Despite the great promise of technological advancement, public sector innovation has tended to be small-scale and gradual. Factors such as institutional arrangements, budget scarcity, group conflict, cultural norms and prevailing patterns of social and political behavior have restricted government actions.


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