Charminar Mla PASHA Arrested


The latest news coming in is that Charminar MLA Pasha Qadri and Puranapul Congress candidate Mohd Ghouse have been arrested  by the police. at 1.30 pm  

Well the police the detained both these candidates  in the Old City for creating disturbances in various polling booths. As voting gathered some pace , stray incidents of arguments and intimidation of voters are coming all we get to hear.In Uppuguda, the vehicle in which TRS polling agent was moving about was attacked.The voters in the polling booth in Roushan Dowla area assembled and raised slogans against GHMC officials demanding better civic amenities.

Reports of deletion of names from voters’ list are some common complaints we get to hear  from various polling booths but the irony of  many of the complainants is they say they  had voted only two years back and when they went back to the same polling booth, after a long strenuous online search, they could not find their names.

VOTING BEGINS IN A VERY DULL NOTE ,In the Old City, where polling is usually brisk, very few voters trooped into the polling booths Today in the first hour of voting. At 11 a. m few parts of the city, only saw the voting percentage  as low as 15 per cent and  at .1 pm, 25.83 per cent votes had been cast. There were more policemen on the streets than voters in many parts of the city.

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The boycott of GHMC elections by nearly 1,400 voters of the Hasthinapuram Ward in the East Zone added some light to the voting Today.

Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan and his wife stepped into the ASCI College to cast their vote at 10 a.m. One of the earliest voters was GHMC Commissioner B. Janardhan Reddy who cast his vote within minutes of the beginning of the polling process. At a few polling booths in Kondapur where the EVMs malfunctioned, the ECIL officials rectified them, said GHMC poll officials.


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