Breaking News ! Turkish Airlines Flight Emergency Landing At IGI Airport Delhi After Bomb Threat


A Turkish Airlines aircraft, TK65 was forced to make an emergency landing at the IGI Airport,New Delhi on Tuesday (7th July,2015) after a note warning of a bomb was found in its lavatory, Indian security agencies went into a tizzy on Today afternoon round 1.41 pm. A Turkish Airlines flight is plying between, from Bangkok  to Istanbul. An airport official said that, “A Turkish Airlines aircraft  made an emergency landing in India Tuesday after the crew found a bomb threat written on a bathroom mirror”. This A Turkish Airlines aircraft, TK65 is contains 148 people. All the passengers are safely to evacuated. Actually a Turkish Airlines aircraft is land at Istanbul at 5:15 pm Turkish  local time.


The security alarm was raised or rang after bomb in cargo was found and written on bathroom mirror of the aircraft. The flight crew then contacted to the Nagpur ATC then that Nagpur ATC guided the flight to land at Delhi, IGI Airport at round 1.41 pm. The bomb diffusion team is reached the Delhi’s IGI airport, and didn’t found any item of suspicion like bomb. Whatever may be, they are yet examining each and every spot of the aircraft. The lagagge of the passengers was also being checked. Passengers were taken into Belgrade airport’s terminal, while security measures were taken around the aircraft.


Civil aviation and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security officials was An emergency meeting of airport, were held to discuss how to respond to the situation. According to the an airport source, “Initial checks ruled out any threat. Flight operations are normal at Delhi airport.”


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