3 siblings teens suicide in Chhattisgarh


Tulsi Nevra village Raipur on monday three persons of a  family comitted suicide two teenage girls and their brother bodies were found by the police hanging on the ceiling of the house  at Tulsi Nevra village under Nevra police station limits

Durga (16), Sumitra (19) and Bhupendra Sahu (22) were the names and the age of the bodies identified  by the police

The  sarpanch of the village was informed about the issue as the repetitive knocks of the door were not responded by the children later the Sarpanch  contacted the Police

The Police  recovered a  suicide note  from the spot, which said nobody should be blamed for the act, he said.

Bhupendra The Elder brother was the sole caretaker of his sisters after their parents’ death.The reason behind the extreme step could not be known the police started investigation the case was booked and further process were going on the incident

The Sarpanch of the village showing concern to the issue the three siblings seems not be interacting much on the issue No one in the village knew the reason for the suicide and even the suicide note dint had any details of the suicide this case becomes a mystery was taken by the police.

 In another incident, a 30-year-old woman committed suicide after allegedly poisoning her elderly mother to death in Rajendra Nagar area of the district, police said.

“Prima facie it appears that Durgeshwari Dhruv poisoned her mother, Kamla Dhruv (70), to death before hanging herself from the ceiling of their house,” the police official said.

As relating to the previous cases and all the other cases in India the suicide attempts in India is rapidly increasing India has more number of suicide rates compared to other countries.People are undergoing peer suffer that make them end thier life.