2014 INDIA vs ENGLAND Test Match was Fixed caught in String Operation Sunil Dev


Team India manager Sunil Dev was caught in a string operation claiming  that India-England fourth Test played in Manchester in 2014 was fixed.This time Dhoni was also caught in the recent expose.

During the Match The team decided to bowl first but it was sudden Decision of Ms Dhoni to bat first gave us shock,this confirmed him that match was fixed .This video was shown to the  media persons in a press briefing held at Press Club of India, Delhi on Sunday.

Dev also said that he had took the matter to  BCCI and also had written a letter to then Board president N Srinivasan.He typed the letter in front of the president as he didnt want it to leak,yet BBC did not take any action.

well,Match fixing is  not  new to cricket as reported it was done manier times. Dev was  asked why didn’t he leak the new  he said people would not believe and the was appreciated by srinivasam for  his work.He didnt  leak the matter about the players and and the team fixing the match.He said he did  not reveal the matter as he was cautioned for his life.

He said he would stand with BBCI as its the best cricket board in the world .However, Justice Mukul Mudgal, who head IPL spot-fixing committee, has outrightly rejected Dev’s claims, saying he has no knowledge of this, if there is any truth in the story, he should have reported to the board again via email.He didn’t found any solid evidence in the story

 “You can have the evidence on tape that too after tapping the phone and BCCI’s anti-corruption unit is not authorise to do it, only police can do phone tapping. Match-fixing is not as common as it has been highlighted and unless there are 2-3 big players is involved, it can’t be done.”


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