1 Killed as SUV Flies, Crashes Into Auto In Gurgaon Gang Shooting


It came to know that three young group travelling in another car shot at the Hyundai Santa Fe SUV carrying Rakesh Kumar, an alleged gangster of Hayatpur village, at around 9am fired the SUV driver.To escape from the gun shoots the SUV driver jumped the car over the divider and crashed the auto-rickshaw on the other road in which only driver was present.This incident was took place at Central Mall of Gurgaon. According to reports, one the person who was the auto was died in accident.


Police said that while Rakesh Kumar was on the way to Mehrauli from IIFCO chowk assailants fired indiscriminately on his car.While Rakesh kumar was safe due the driver who was inthe car was hit by a bullet so which he lost control over the car causing it to  jumped the car over the divider and crashed the auto-rickshaw on the other roadover. The driver of the auto was crushed to death on the spot.

Release Date

This incident was took place around 9AM in the morning.DUe to this incident the entire traffic was struct for a while.


Police informed that this incident could be related to a turf war between rival ganngs and situation was under control now and the culprits would be nabbed soon.

It came to know that SUV driver is out of danger.


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