Book Review: Memories of Midnight


    Sydney Sheldon and his feminist writings are quite trendy all over the globe. The plot of Memories of Midnight revolves around beautiful Catherine Douglas, rich, egoist and powerful Constantin Demiris and his mistress, Melina. Ending of The Other Side of Midnight, is the begging of this novel. Due to the death of Catherine’s husband Larry she was under stress and further admitted at a convent. She discovers her past by the Sister of the institution, by the permission of Constantine Demiris.


    Initial part of the story helps to build a positive image of Costa. He helps Catherine to get settle into a town and gives her job. His secret plans are not revealed initially but page by page as you move into the story, one can easily guess the negativity of his character. Her work in London and further her attempts of knowing her past gives a first twist to the story. She starts resisting Costa and starts joining the team of the office.

    Problem starts developing when Frederick Stavros begins to feel guilty for sending Larry and Noelle to their death. His death story is shortly gets revealed and it passes on from a priest to an employee working in the office of Spyros Lambrou, who is brother of Melina. Spyros is also a business man who actually is an ally of Costa. Catherine finds a good friend in Kirk Reynolds. He is in love with her personality and straightforwardly tells her that he wants to marry her. Kerk actually wanted to help her with some law related issues and discover the mystery behind the Larry’s death.

    The rivalry between Spyros and Costa keeps on rising as he mistreats Malina. Further their story takes a different twist which astonishes a reader. Napoleon Chotas is one of key character that gives a drastic turn to the story. Catherine needs a strong support which she gets from the psychiatrist Alan Hamilton. The love for Alan and tragedies at London gives a special flavour to this story.

    Constantin Demiris is undergoing trials for a murder and Spyros managed to trap him with various factors and drug related issues. The final twist is dedicated to Napoleon Chotas and his car scene. That actually turns the story upside down.

    Further varied TV shows followed the story and made large profits. Such mysteries always help people to think about things in very unorthodox manner.