Bigg Boss 10 – look who qualify for ticket to finale week


    Just two weeks are left for the grand finale of Bigg Boss season 10. All the contestants are leaving no stone unturned and giving 100% at every crucial stage. Now the Bigg Boss is introducing Ticket to finale task where two top contender of the task will have face off at a mall in Mumbai.

    But before revealing names of the two contenders let me tell you what actually the task was. The task is introduced named as solar system. The entire garden turned as a solar system set up.  The contestants have to hold a bowl with purple liquid and they have to rotate around the sun (which had ticket in it) starting with the first orbit. If the contestant water spills and goes down below the yellow mark or if it falls due to any reason then the contender will be dis-qualified from the game. The task will goes on until two contestants will survive till end.

    In the last episode we have seen that Lopa secured number 1 position in ranking task so she got edge over other and she will only join the contestant when they reach the second orbit. Rohan was the sanchalak of the task.

    The final round of fight out was among Manveer, Manu Punjabi and Bani judge but unfortunately water spills from Bani’s bowl. Thus making Manu and Manveer qualify for the Ticket to Finale week round.

    It would be fun to see both best friends in the final face off to Ticket to Finale week. 

    As per sources we exclusively reveal you that Manveer Gujjar has won the ticket to finale task beating Manu Punjabi by just few votes. Manveer Gujjar received 135 votes from fans in the mall where as Manu Punjabi got 132 votes.