Cashless economy is only possible when people is educated enough to understand the system of digital transactions. Well, the statement can now be contradicted with the new app launch BHIM.

PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI today (30th December 2016) launched UPI based mobile payment application BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money). It is a rebranded version UPI (Unified Payment Interface) and USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). BHIM app can be used in any type of phone from a feature of Rs.1000 to a high priced smartphone. The app was launched at the Digi Dhan Mela Event in Talkatora Statium in NEW DELHI.


One needs only the thumb. There is no need of internet connectivity.  The thumb will work as your bank account and will become your identity.

 You have to register your bank account with BHIM, set a UPI PIN for a bank account.

 Your mobile number is your payment address. You can send, receive and request money from your friends, family, and clients.

The BHIM account will be linked to your bank account. You can manage, check balance and transfer money through easy clicks.

The app presently available in English and Hindi, later on other languages will be added to it. At once maximum transaction of Rs.10000 is possible and maximum Rs.20000 is possible within 24 hours.


The application is dedicated to Dr. B R Ambedkar. Prime Minister MODI said at the program of app launch,”Dr. Ambedkar worked for the uplift of poor and the biggest power of technology is that it can uplift poor”.

What will the digital transactions provide to the nation?

1.       It will bring transparency in the banking system which will reduce the corruption.

2.       It will help in uplifting poor.

3.       The problem of cash will not create a chaos anymore.

4.       The people will be able to manage their transaction from anywhere which will save time.

5.       It will spread awareness and help the nation to progress.