Beloved ones and Reality – A Pure Fiction



    It was two days before New Year. Everyone in the world was eagerly waiting for New Year except one soul….. A beautiful girl for whom the creator has gifted everything… she has deep eyes, silky hair, cute cheeks and a sweet smile… but there was some pain within her which she never tells anyone.

                      “Hey Priya! I’ll be there in 15 minutes” said Gokul, who was her schoolmate and now a good brother. He was busy teaching his girlfriend Gayathri basketball in his court. “No problem!” Priya answered softly and continued to write her diary sitting on the balcony of Gokul’s house. She kept admiring the plants of his garden.

                     It became evening and the sky became dim. Suddenly a swift desire swiftly came and stopped in front of the gate.  A tall gentleman, with a grey hair and mustache got down from the driver seat.

                    “Appa…” Priya shouted in shock. She climbed down the staircase and went out. Gokul and Gayathri also followed her by seeing her running near the gate. When Priya reached the car, she noticed that her mom and elder brother also came. She couldn’t believe it. She hugged her brother so tight with so much emotion. But all three were looking tensed.

                    “Hey sis… first you get inside the car. We are in a big trouble” said her brother and got into the car. “But what’s wrong mom?” asked Priya confused. “We’ll tell you on the way dear” replied her mom. Then Gokul came forward and said “Hey dude! Your family looks very serious. You just go first”. “That’s right“, Gayathri also agreed with Gokul.

                   Then Priya got into the car and waved bye to Gayathri and Gokul. They both waved back. The car moved very fast. There was silence for few hours in the car. But Priya couldn’t bare that silence… she asked, “Can anyone please tell me what’s happening at least now”.

                  Her brother cleared his throat and throat and started, “see… we are running from place to place because some people are chasing us for some reason which we are not clear of. They look very dangerous and they may reach you also….” Before he could complete the car stopped near a small coffee shop. “Kids just have something fast… we need to go” priya’s dad said getting down.

                 “Is it our dad?” Priya asked her brother with shocked eye because her dad always used to be a Mr. clean who never enter filthy shops. “We don’t have any option sis. Our situation is worse”, said her brother. Then she looked around. She didn’t know where it was. But it was very pleasant everywhere with fields and trees… but no one was in the mood to admire it. “Just come fast sweetheart” called her mom. Her dad and brother were sitting in the plastic chair put up in the shop. Then her dad inquired for the route to the tea master. He actually looked like a kerallite. “Actually sir! You can go straight in the east but you have to go ‘fast’… if it rains you can’t see anything… not even the person next to you”… the statement of him was too stressful.

                        “Oh God… we can’t stay in this place. We should move from here before the rain” her mom prayed with fingers crossed. Then, priya’s cheeks turned pink. She felt something fishy. The clouds crowded there. “Dad… mom… come let’s go! I feel it’s going to rain”, she said with more tension. “Dear cool down… it’s the climate of this place” said her dad. “But I feel strange”, Priya got up and moved near the car, so everyone ran behind her.

                    There was a sudden thunder and lightning. The climate became so dim. All the three looked at each other and then her dad and mom got into the car. The car was on. Priya opened the right side door for her brother but he went to the other side. So she got in and turned back to check her brother. He opened the car boot and was doing something. It started drizzling. Priya’s dad and mom held each other’s hand.

                    “R…e…x…i…n… get in fast!” Priya screamed. Then Rexin got in with something in his hand and closed the door. Everyone where least bothered what was it. “Dad let’s move”, she commanded. But her dad didn’t listen to her. She kept repeating the same thing. Suddenly her dad and mom turned and looked back and all the three shouted “WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and Rexin gave the big card which he had in his hand while getting in.

                    She almost had tears in her eyes and everyone laughed. “Sis! It’s just a little surprise.” “My whole family is insane” she said and looked at the date on her phone and said, “but today is not my birthday!” Then someone held her shoulder through the window. She turned with a jerk.

                   “Hello madam… sorry! I’m late” Gokul said. “Ugh!” only then Priya realized it was a dream. She has slept watching the garden. “That’s okay…” she said softly. “Anything wrong…” asked Gayathri who was standing beside Gokul. “No… I just got a dream” she replied. Gokul and Gayathri sat there with Priya.

                    “Priya! wake up” my roommate dragged the blanket off my face. Of course everything was just a dream. I THINK EVEN OUR DREAMS COLLAPSE WHEN WE MISS OUR DEAR ONES… Mine went really a step ahead.