The Rolls Royce Silent Shadow Electric Car in the making


One of the most esteemed automobile manufacturing brands in the world, Rolls Royce has officially confirmed that their new Rolls Royce silent shadow electric car is in the making, which will most likely pave the way for luxurious automatic cars in the company.

Although the exact date of the Rolls Royce silent shadow electric car has not been revealed yet, but the CEO of the company Torsten Müller-Ötvös has confirmed in a recent interview with Bloomberg that the model will be named Silent Shadow and is guaranteed to be completely electrified which will add to their brand’s super silent feature. Torsten claims that this has worked solely to their benefit as the company is not known for super loud engines or exhaust noises in general.

rolls royce silent shadow electric car

Thought behind the creation of the Rolls Royce Silent Shadow electric car

Rolls Royce tested the waters back in 2011 when it released the Dubbed 102EX, which was a one off electric version of the former generation Phantom.

However, when set out in front of the public it failed to grab the attention of potential customers as it had some drawbacks in its range.

Rolls Royce made a power move by having a major comeback with the development of its current creation, The Silent Shadow. It is heavily equipped with new features and battery evolution which they have drawn from their parent company, BMW’s recently disclosed iX. All the new modifications made in the creation ensures that the Rolls Royce electric car will meet the needs and demands of the new and upcoming generation.

Even though the Rolls Royce Silent Shadow has been inspired by the Phantom, it is going to be much more than just an electric version of a pre existing Rolls Royce. The Rolls Royce electric car is confirmed to be a distinctive masterpiece with a modern and luxurious appearance.


Story Behind The Name Silent Shadow

The company decided to put a modern touch to the Rolls Royce electric car by naming it Silent Shadow which is said to be inspired from the name Silver Shadow, used from 1965 to 1980 on the highest grossing Rolls Royce models till date.

In the late 2020, BMW filed a trademark for the name Silent Shadow with the German patent office.

Making of the Rolls Royce Silent Shadow

Even though the first ever Rolls Royce electric car is set to have its own unique looks and features, it will most likely also be a large sedan just like the Phantom. The twin turbo V-12 engines used in the Phantom produces 563 horsepower and 664 lb-ft torque, hence the Silent Shadow is expected to

produce quite more than that. The electronic automobile is set to be developed alongside the BMW i7 electric sedan, so it is quite safe to say that a few similarities between features of both the models such as battery capacity which is expected to be more than 100 kWh and driving range of more than 500 km might be observed. However, the Silent Shadow will still be set around Rolls Royce’s new dedicated aluminium spaceframe structure while the i7 utilises a development of BMW’s CLAR architecture.

Even though the current pandemic has taken quite a hit on people’s lives, Rolls Royce witnessed a spike in their production rate which is believed to be an outcome of the fact that people have realised the importance of life and have chosen to enjoy it as much as they can with a free spirit of spending on luxurious products.

The company chose to act quickly on their actions and started the creation of the brand new Rolls Royce electric car which throws light to the fact that Mueller mentioned that many of their clients have seen how quickly life can and hence it is good to enjoy life in the present moment instead of postponing it to later years.


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