Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Review


Bajaj came with many new models in pulsar like pulsar NS200,Pulsar AS200.But now Bjaj has just rolled out its second variant from the platform that was co-developed with the KTM Duke 200.Pulsar RS200 is modern motorcycle with   well sorted, well thought-out and very fast compare to any other Pulsar vehicles yet.Bajaj became very succesful through pulsar motorcycles.Now Bajaj switched this pulsar to next step and created the new Pulsar RS200.



The Pulsar RS200 is more stylish that other pulsar present in market.On top view and a bit.On the sides of this bike it has many streaks,lines,panels,textures,scoops and stickering so it look very aquward it also look like Baja had over done the vehicle on the base of style.The mesh texture on the side panels look very great. Now the tyers might be of the same specifications, but these are in fact one of the best that MRF has produced, which we will get to in a bit.With rear-set foot pegs, the seating position is neither exactly upright, nor is it at an uncomfortable level of sporty but the people who owned the bike said that it is so comfortable to ride on this bike it is also so comfortable while going for long ride.The silver pits below the peg mouths look very cool.The rear LED tail lamps are exclusive to the RS200 are very stylish.The built quality of bike is good but its but quality can’t be compared to any other bikes at that range because compare to other bikes of 200cc this RS200 built quality is on low side.But it feels like a new engine altogether. The metallic edge of the Pulsar engines is gone and the RS200 sounds pretty refined as well as pretty different.The RS200 is not as entertaining as the R15 or the RC200 – those bikes are in proper full-attack mode from the word go, whereas with the RS, you need to spend more and more time on it to get familiar with its boundaries and character. Its limits are not as great as its rivals from KTM and Yamaha, but at being a flaunt machine, the RS200 might just be good enough for some unusual college-goers.


Engine & Performance

The engine of Pulsar RS200 is similar to NS200.But Pulsar RS200 has a fuel injection so it produces little bit more torque,power and runs lower at final gearing compare to NS200.

The  Pulsar RS200 has metallic edge on the engines is gone and the RS200 sounds pretty refined as well as pretty different.Pulsar RS200 is capable of 199.5cc and it also has a liquid cooling feature.Its petrol tank bares 13 liters of petrol and it engine makes  24.5PS at 9,750rpm and the 18.6Nm at 8,000rpm. The extra oomph works with the lower gearing to create a motorcycle that’s got easy drive off the bottom and is pretty quick after 6,000rpm.This bike provided a aerodynamic advantage of the fairing combies which give power to engine to push the bike to its top speed.By this we can also say that this pulsar RS200 is the fastest pulsar ever.This neww pulsar can reach the speed of 60kmph in 4.09 seconds and 100kmph in 9.92 seconds only.Weight of Pulsar RS200 is 165kg but while ridingbike it does’t feel like a heavy weight bike.The Pulsar RS200 is providing two different breaking systems: ABS, and non-ABS. The ABS offered is a single-channel system – that means only the front wheel gets ABS equipped braking.Coming to fuel consumption it came to know that in cityb conditions it is giving millage around 35kmpl and at highway it is giving millage around 40-45kmpl.This Pulsar RS200 has 6 gear transmitions.



The Pulsar RS200 has very good looks but it may not be liked by every one due to its over finishing so it depends.It provides great performance.In performance wise it can be matched with KTM Duke RC200,Yamaha R15,Honda CBR 200.The RS200 is Rs 1.39 lakh on-road Mumbai which makes it Rs 3,000 more than the Yamaha YZF-R15. The ABS model – the one we tested – is priced at Rs 1.51 lakh on-road Mumbai which puts it about Rs 36,000 below the KTM RC200. The only niggle in the package is the design, which you’ll have to get used to. And that much plastic bolted on a frame means a lot of potential rattles.


Bajaj Pulsar RS200 ABS: ₹1.30lakh

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 non-ABS: ₹1.18lakh


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