AAP’s Saurabh Bharadwaj proves BEL EVMs can be hacked!


    27th May 2017 mark this day as Saurabh Bharadwaj of Aam Aadmi Party went all the way to Botswana to prove there may be major issue behind the EVMs made by BEL. It opens up the debate as BEL’s EVMs are also used by the Indian Election Commission. He sat with Botswana Congress party leader ‎Dumelang Saleshando and came live in Facebook via Aam Aadmi Party official page. As he said he and Dumelang Saleshando were not sitting there to discuss politics but to talk regarding strengthening of democracy.

    Botswana Congress party is said to be the largest opposition party of Botswana and they have complained to their highest court regarding tampering of voting machine. It is also confirmed that there was letter sent to BEL for EVM hackathon which it refused to attend. The letter which was sent to BEL is also present with The Indian Talks.

    This goes on to raise a few questions regarding the democratic issues present in the backyard of India with Indian Election Commission also not openly asking for an EVM Hackathon, instead as Saurabh Bharadwaj said they are asking to see machine from outwards and change the result without getting technically involved in it. If EVMs are perfect than what is the problem in letting people check it? This question get raised with a real question mark over the democracy pillar of India as even a country like Botswana is moving ahead and conducting EVM hackathon. 

    So, will BEL be able to answer or in silence and improper arguments they already gave the answer of giving up? This will be known in coming days with more reports clearing the doubts of the voters of India. With this we can see as the voters of India, Indians can grow more insecure and there will arise a need to go back to paper ballots. Paper ballots are still used in technologically advanced countries like Japan and America and this can be seen as a welcoming step in India too after proving BEL EVMs are not the ones which can handle democracy properly.