Teams of Boys and Girls coming from Afghanistan for Subroto Cup


Subroto Cup is Football Tournament which is conducted every year by the Indian Air Force, with support from India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, has got much excited this year with the participation of Afghanistan in the new league matches. The boys and girls team are coming from Afghanistan to India to participate in new emerging inter-country games.

After the recent developments, Relations between India and Afghanistan has been improved a lot and India is also helping the Afghanistan to stabilise their economy.

afgan girls

Till Now Preliminary inter-school tournaments are held in every state of India starting from Sub-division, district and division level culminating in the inter-school finals at the national level. But from now to increase the diverse friendship between India and Afghanistan, International tournament between two countries could also observed. The school teams, winning the state inter-school championships are then invited to participate in the main Subroto Mukerjee Cup Tournament at Delhi.

afgan boys

The team who will be able to flag their winning over the odds will be contested with Afghanistan Team. The tournaments shall be separated for boys and girls with 2 winners in the row.

The main contestants for the Afganistan team shall be Madhyamgram High School, West Bengal who is famous for winning this tournament(U17) for 7 times in total (undisputed record till date) which include a hattrick (year 1981-82-83)

This time, Subroto Cup has gone excited with one more reason of visit of Brazilian Football legend Pelé in India for Subroto Cup. Pale shall attend the Subroto Cup as Cheif guest.